Brent Alden (False Alarm) and Rick Wilder (L.A.’s Mau Maus)

Brent Alden and Rick Wilder have both collaborated in recording projects.  Check out False Alarm’s “Fuck Em All! We’ve Already (Now) Won!” CD and you’ll hear Rick Wilder doing vocals on a New York Dolls cover “Vietnamese Baby”.  Rick Wilder has declined to do guest vocals for other bands but he is very partial to False Alarm, because he’s stated they are one of the very few bands who have captured the early days of punk music.  Go to False Alarm’s myspace page and check em out

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Terrible Times: Hollywood’s Punk Rock Gangs 1982-1989

Me and Microdot – CHAOS Gang (1984)

(Top) Spanky, Spooky, Soldier (Bottom) Shy Boy, Stranger – KAOS 13 (1987)

Terrible Times: Hollywood’s Punk Rock Gangs 1982-1989 is a book written by myself and Brent Alden (False Alarm).  The book is a memoir about the 80’s Hollywood punk scene and the punk rock gangs involved in it.  The book is primarily about our gang CHAOS (Crazy Hoodlums Against Our Society) but then in 1987 we changed it to KAOS 13 (Kids Against Our System).  The book is written through my eyes as a child growing up in Los Angeles to discovering the punk scene in the early 80’s and becoming affiliated with punk rock gangs.  This book is filled with comedy, street adventures, gang fights, drug use, and pretty much everything that occured in Los Angeles during the 80’s.  There’s also saddening chapters that will shed tears from the reader’s eyes.  My co-author and I do not claim to be hardcore gang bangers in this book. We express ourselves as mixed up youth’s who came from dysfunctional backgrounds and engaged ourselves into the punk scene and punk gangs.  This book will be published or self published this year!

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